Mission & Outreach

Committee Chairperson, Kathy Sanford, has a full plate of mission and outreach opportunities in which anyone can become involved. Our hands-on service work helps us connect our faith to our daily lives through our actions.

What’s Coming up in April:

Important Dates to Remember:

April 15  Next Missions & Outreach Meeting in Griffiths Hall at 11:30 AM. All are welcome!

April 15  Deadline for sign-up to BUMMP trip to UMCOR West (more info below).

April 18  Community Food Share 1:00-3:00 PM. Meet there or carpool from Church at 12:45 PM.

April 21   Sister Carmen Thrift Store 9:00-11:00 AM. Meet at Thrift Store. If you need a ride, let the office know.

Did you miss our trip to UMCOR West but would like another chance to go??

The Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners (BUMMP) is planning a trip to UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City from June 10 through June 16, 2018. If you would like to visit the United Methodist Committee On Relief warehouse, BUMMP would love to have you join them! The deadline to sign up is April 15, 2018. You will find flyers with more information on the info table and on the bulletin board. Also feel free to discuss this more with Kathy Sanford (BUMMP committee member).


New Outreach Series

The Missions and Outreach Committee will run a monthly series in our newsletter on various Outreach Project that educate on Human Trafficking, Slavery, Domestic Abuse and more. And specifically how we can help locally. Sherri Graffenberger has been doing extensive research and you may be surprised on what she’s found! The first of that series is below:


Slavery isn’t new.  The pursuit of wealth has resulted in the enslavement and exploitation of others since the beginning of time.  Unlike in the past, however, slavery is now illegal everywhere in the world.  Even so, there are more people enslaved today than there were during the entire trans-Atlantic African slave trade that ran from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.  It is estimated that there are over 27 million people enslaved in the world today.  Eighty percent are women and children.

The African slave trade we learned about in history classes has been abolished.  Yet modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, with profits pf more than $32 billion—roughly the same as Exon Mobile.  The good news is, there have been good people fighting a war all along. Most of them look just like us:  everyday people who discovered that they have power to abolish slavery all over the world—and even here in Lafayette.

Modern day slavery is when an individual or group completely controls another individual or group, often using violence, for money.  Slaves today are considered a disposable commodity.  Sex slavery is the most lucrative form of modern-day slavery, but slavery takes many other forms today.  Some forms of are:  Chattel slavery, Debt bondage, Forced labor, and Child soldiers.

The question remains, “What does this have to do with us?”    The reality is that slavery touches real aspects of our lives.  From the mineral mined to manufacture our cellphones and computers, to the chocolate we eat and feed our children, to the sex trade surrounding major sporting events in our own backyards, slavery is part of our lives.


What can we do about this? How can we recognize a slave situation? I’ll share some ideas next month.


Community Food Share, 650 South Taylor Ave. Our monthly work day is scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.

Eldershare, food distribution to our senior friends takes place at the church on the 1st and 3rd Thursday mornings of every month.

Sister Carmen Thrift Store, 710 West Baseline Rd, our monthly workday takes place on the 4th Saturdays of each month from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

Sister Carmen Food Pantry ~ nonperishable food donations are received on an ongoing basis through the white cupboard pantry located just next to the kitchen door in the church foyer. Our goal is to donate 1,000 pounds of food in 2017.

We support EFAA (Emergency Family Assistance) Apartments with monthly donations as they are communicated to us. Bins behind the Welcome Center receive these donations. Currently, our residents especially need bleach, diapers (size 5 and 6) and wipes, deodorants for men and women, body wash for adults, and toilet bowl cleaner.

EFAA receives our gifts through Angel Tree. During the upcoming holiday season, look for a Christmas Tree just outside the sanctuary with angel ornaments. This year, we intend to support all 11 apartments including the parents or guardians as well as the children.

Anyone can get involved with Mission and Outreach activities. Seasonal and even weekly Mission and Outreach opportunities come up all the time. Updates will appear on this page so check back often, please.